How Epoxy Floor Installation Works

Concrete is prepared mechanically. Before any thought can be given to epoxy floors, the top thin layers of the concrete substrate need to be removed. This ensures that no contaminants interfere with the created bond. This bond exists between the concrete substrate and the bond coat. Bond coating material is designed to penetrate deep into the concrete. The tight bond created is designed to last for years. Later, a thick blanket of media is applied in excess to the bond coat. This application creates the heavy and durable foundation.

Once a curing process is completed a top coat will be applied. This coat is thick and is chemical and UV resistant. It provides the user with a tough but beautiful exterior. They always say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But looks can be deceiving. On the surface, it looks as sweet as honey. But dig below the surface and you will find something completely different. Not that you will get very far with the digging.

Because in order to penetrate an epoxy flooring system, deliberate, brute and mechanical force would have to be applied. That is the only way you will get through. This system is perfect for the manufacturing environment. There is less chance of loss or damage to product and person occurring. Also note that a moisture barrier has been carried. The layman understands that an epoxy flooring system is going to provide his interiors with protection from flood damage.

epoxy floors

If the system is not water resistant, it can be built to be waterproof. The correct epoxy flooring system design and installation process will take place over several stages. But down the line, the property owner will not be able to expend himself much on maintenance and housekeeping.